How to read with your child (for 3-5 year olds)

How to read with your child (for 3-5 year olds)

Reading and storytelling helps children learn about words, language, sounds, and build early literacy skills, listening skills that are needed for learning as they grow. Stories also help children build their imagination and their understanding of the world. Read our last post on reading to your child from womb to 36 months!

Some tips:

  1. Ask your child to participate in the story.
  2. Ask questions before starting, e.g., “What do you think this book is about?”
  3. Ask inferential questions while reading, e.g., “What do you think will happen next?”
  4. Ask questions to help them relate to what is being read, e.g., “How would you feel if Goldilocks broke your chair?”
  5. Give opportunities for your child to finish some of the sentences or say out the phrases.
  6. Let your child go at his or her own pace, whether it is to point out alphabets, or talk about the pictures, or retell the story.
  7. Point out numbers, punctuation marks, upper-case, lower-case letters.
  8. Incorporate reading into your daily routine, even if it is just a short book. Aim for 15-20 min a day if your schedule allows for it.

What books?

Let your child choose books they are interested in, for instance, unicorns, construction vehicles, or non-fiction books about nature, science, food, different cultures etc. that will help them learn more about the world.

  • Non-fiction books
  • Books that tell simple stories
  • Stories with interesting or silly characters, or funny words
  • Stories that your child can relate to, such as families, friends and going to school
  • Outside of books, read all sorts of food packaging, sign boards etc. that you encounter in daily life.

We recommend these books:

  • Questions And Answers About Your Body by Katie Daynes

“Why do I need to wash my hands?” “Why is blood red?” Lift the flaps to find out the answers to the many questions your child has about our bodies!

  • 神奇校车 - 乔安娜·柯尔/

<<神奇校车>>图画书系列通过一次次神奇的旅行把孩子引入科学王国, 让孩子们体验原理,学会操作,懂得思考,爱上科学。


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