Hide and Seek Pack (Rp 180,000)

Olive and Kale have a pet terrapin - Ginseng and he loves to play hide and seek!

Could he be in the bathroom or hiding under the bed? Hunt for the QR codes around the house and see if you can find it.

2-6 years old

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  • What's included:

    ★ 5 Reusable Terrapin QR Cards

    ★ Reusable white tack

    ★ 15 voice interactive activities over 3 difficulty levels

  • What they'll learn:

    • Over 200 Chinese vocabulary words
    • Learn about position concepts and action words and terms related to items around the house.
    • Verbal communication skills.
    • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Active screen time - get moving around the house in each hide and seek game .
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