Hatch The Magic Egg Pack ($15.90)

Olive and Kale found a mysterious egg. Where did it come from?

Is it Dino-land? Planet Mars? What will it hatch into?

Go around the house and scan different QR codes and find clues, there is only 1 that will lead you to a magic spell to hatch the egg!

2-6 years old

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  • What's included:

    5 Reusable Fantasy QR Cards

    Reusable white tack

    15 voice interactive activities - 3 separate missions to choose from each with a different egg to hatch in 5 different fantasy lands:

    - Unicorn-land

    - Dino-land

    - Planet Mars

    - Mermaid Kingdom

    - Wizarding World

  • What they'll learn:

    • Over 200 vocabulary words 
    • Learn about words and terms related to fantasy themes that kids love and can relate to!
    • Colour and pattern matching