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Hummus Education is the edutech startup behind BrookieKids. Our vision is to enable communities around the world to give children a happy childhood filled with fun, learning and exploration.

We are currently incubated at BLK 71, NUS Enterprise.

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Our Story

Back in 2020, we were sharing our parenting experiences and research on early childhood development separately, hoping to provide some support to young parents like ourselves.​

A turning point came when Melissa attended a venture builder programme in NUS Enterprise after completing her Masters of Education. Knowing that both Shun Ting and Rachel shared the same passion in child development, she brought the three of us together to brainstorm solutions to help make parenting a little easier and more enjoyable.

One challenge parents face that we were also facing is raising bilingual children and having fun while doing so. We researched intensively, spoke to parents, and educators.

Soon, a product was in the making.

​The camaraderie brought us further to where we are today, having received the SG Startup Founder Grant and incubated at BLK 71, NUS Enterprise in 2021.

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What we do

  • Transforming spaces

    We design products to transform spaces into enabling environments filled with opportunities for learning and healthy development.

  • Play-inspired

    We draw inspiration from Play and create immersive learning experiences, where we preserve the ingenuity in a child to learn.

  • Research-backed

    Our products are developed based on quality research, and put the well-being and safety of the child first.

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We are hiring

Hummus Education is at its infancy stage and just like a child in early years, the world is a blank canvas. Everyone plays a strategic role as every task you do forms a stepping stone to our company’s success. Your work will directly impact the development of children in their early years as well as their caregivers. 

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Supporting Mothers

Taking a career break to spend more time with your child or reflect on your next steps? Join us for flexible working arrangement in a children education section!

As mothers, we empathise, believe and want to empower mums to have flexible and autonomy in their work arrangements.

Openings available for Mums looking to contribute in the child development area, with or without prior experience.

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