Terms and Conditions


“Terms” refers to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

“Trial” refers to access to our Products namely: our online content, website and physical activity kit within the stated period of dates. 

“Us” refers to Hummus Education Pte. Ltd. (UEN202112667Z), who owns BrookieKids.

“Participant” refers to the individual person who registered under our website for participation in the Trial  and the addressee to whom the Product(s) is sent.

“Activity kit” refers to one parcel containing goods or other items or materials provided by us, of which may be transported and delivered by any means of transport selected by us, whether by road or any other means of transport. 

“Partner” means the independent third parties (who are not BrookieKids) who provide the relevant Solutions to Participants, including (a) driver-partners, delivery-partners, (b) any other relevant goods and services providers.

“Solutions” means the transportation, logistics, and/or other products and services which are made available to Participants through the following offerings.


  1. BrookieKids is a product of Hummus Education Pte. Ltd. (UEN: 202113667Z). Through the introduction of the Product Trial (“Trial”), we aim to gather users to test out our products in return for feedback and improvement. 

  2. The Trial is open to participants who have registered with us through our website. It is open to any parents residing in Singapore with children aged between 2 to 6 years old, but with limited slots and on a first-come-first-served basis.

  3. The Trial comprises, among other things, access to our Products namely: our online content, website and physical activity kit. The complimentary physical activity kit will be delivered to the stated address provided at the point of registration. 

  4. Each participant is only eligible to apply for the Trial once (including for future trials). Selected participants will be notified via email in due course after the registration on our website.


  1. Participant shall have no right to, and shall not, directly or indirectly: 
    1. transfer, sublicense, rent, lend, lease, or otherwise distribute the Products to any other person or entity; 
    2. copy the Products; 
    3. modify, alter or create derivative works of the Products; 
    4. use the Products for purposes of competing with us, including for competitive analysis, benchmarking or marketing;
2. All rights, title, property and interest in and to the Product(s), all copies, improvements, modifications and derivative works thereof, related documentation and materials, including ownership of all intellectual property rights therein and thereto, shall remain at all times with us. Under no circumstances shall any Participant sell, license, sublicense, distribute, assign, dispose of, encumber, or suffer a lien, or otherwise transfer to a third party the Product(s) without our prior written consent. 

    Agreement & Acceptance

    1. Entry into this Trial shall be deemed as acceptance of these terms, including any amendments, additions, replacements, variations and modifications thereto. By entering the Trial, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the terms. 

    2. By submitting your application/registration for participation in the Event, participants are deemed to have agreed with our data protection and privacy policy with regards to the collection, processing, use, disclosure of any personal data which it may obtain during this campaign. Any and all personal data submitted by you in the course of your application/registration for and participation in the Trial, may be collected, used and/or disclosed by us for various purposes, including to communicate with you for purposes related to the Trial and such other purposes we may reasonably deem appropriate, or in relation to which you have otherwise provided your consent.

    3.  You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless of us and any of our contractors, agents, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates and assigns from all liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses, relating to or arising out of your participation in the Trial, any breach of these Terms and Conditions, and/or the use of any associated Product, including, but not limited to, any loss of data or content you might experience as a result of our discontinuation of the Trial for any reason.

    4. Each Participant consents to us disclosing and/or publishing his/her comments and/or reviews in any manner which we may deem fit for publicity purposes. Each participant agrees to cooperate with and participate in any advertising or publicity activities conducted by us relating to the Trial. 

    5. In the event where Participant prefers to not disclose and/or publish his/her comments and/or reviews of the Product on any of our channels (including but not limited to Youtube, Website, Instagram, Facebook), do write in to us via email at brookiekids@hummusedu.com for request. We will do that for you within 7 business days. 


    1. All registrations for participation in the Trial are subject to availability of slots and any availability information is subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse any registrations/applications it receives for any reason. Non- compliance with or breach of any of these terms may disqualify a participant at any stage of the Trial, and any complimentary gifts may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed.

    2. We may at any time at our sole and absolute discretion, without notice or assigning any reason therefore: 
    1. substitute, withdraw, add to or alter any of the gifts; 
    2. suspend, withdraw or terminate the Trial; 
    3. delete, vary, supplement, amend or modify these terms in such manner as we deem fit, including without limitation, the eligibility of participants, the bases and methods of identification of any participants and any dates in connection with the Trial, the Trial period and the number of available slots;

    We shall not, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any claims, costs, expenses, loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the aforementioned changes. Any amendments to the terms will be posted on our website (www.brookiekids.com). 

    Limitations & exclusion of liability 

    1. We shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury or death in the connection with the Trial, or any gift, except any liability that cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law). 


    1. The Activity Kit shall be delivered to the address specified by the Participant, though not necessarily personally to a Participant named in person. Each Participant will be entitled to only one Activity kit limited to the materials designated by us and no more will be given.

    2. Every Activity kit to be sent by us is addressed accurately to a valid registered address, to any destination only within the main island of the Republic of Singapore (excluding but not limited to Sentosa Island and the other off-shore islands, Paya Lebar Airport and Changi Airport). For a more detailed list of restricted locations, refer to the end of this agreement.

    3. We are engaging third party delivery solutions of Activity kit and are subject to the Partner’s Terms. In the case of Activity kit being returned to us (due to unsuccessful delivery caused by the following reasons, non-exhaustive):
    1. incorrect address;
    2. the Shipping Partner couldn’t get in touch with the recipient, or the recipient was not at the delivery address;
    3. awaiting collection as requested by the recipient, but the recipient didn’t show up;
    4. the customs (or we) contacted the recipient, the recipient refused to sign the parcel directly without contacting us first;

    We may, but shall have no obligation to, contact you via your registered email and follow up on the necessary steps for delivery.

    1. If you do not receive the item by 3 working days from the date we notify you that the Activity kit has been sent out by us, please email us at brookiekids@hummusedu.com by the 5th working day from the date we notify you that the activity kit has been sent out. 

    2. Upon receipt of your Activity kit, if you discover that there are issues with your Activity kit (e.g. wrong order, defective order, or missing items), please immediately contact customer support via email at brookiekids@hummusedu.com within 24 hours from the point that the pack is delivered and has been received by you. In some cases, we may request for photographic proof and/or additional information to properly investigate the issue with your Activity kit. If we determine that the Activity kit you received is not of satisfactory condition or quality, we may (but shall not be obliged to) issue a replacement Home Starter Pack or parts it.

    3. We reserve all rights to decline any request for exchange or replacement for your Activity kit or parts of your Activity kit. 

    4. f the Participant refuses to accept a Activity kit, we shall be entitled to release, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of such Activity kit without incurring any liability to the Participant, or any other third party, provided that we have made reasonable efforts to return such Activity kit at the expense of the Participant or if applicable law prohibits or prevents the return of such Activity kit to Participant.

    5. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the Activity kit is used in a safe and proper manner for age appropriate participants. We shall not be liable for any losses, expenses or claims arising out of your use or the Activity kits.

    Limited warranties 

    1. Any warranty claims in relation to a free gift should be directed to the relevant manufacturer and not to us. Except to the extent that they may not be excluded by law, no representations, warranties, terms or conditions that are not expressly stated in these terms apply to this Trial nor in respect of the gifts and all implied warranties are excluded, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the gifts. 


    1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

    2. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Universal Terms of Service Agreement.  In the event there is a conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of the Universal Terms of Service Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall control.

    3. If you have any questions about the Trial or this document, please contact us by email at brookiekids@hummusedu.com and we will respond within two business days. 



    Kindly note that delivery is not available in the areas below :

    Airline Road

    Airport Cargo Road

    Alps Avenue

    Brani Terminal Avenue

    Changi Airport (only areas with restricted access)

    Jurong Island

    Kusu Island

    Pulau Damar Laut

    Pulau Busing

    Pulau Tekong

    Pulau Sakeng

    Pulau Sebarok

    Pulau Ubin

    Rifle Range

    Seletar Aerospace

    St John Island

    Turn Club Avenue

    West Camp Road

    Also note that delivery to the following postal codes is not available:

    099958 Resort World at Sentosa

    109679 Resort World at Sentosa (Office)

    109680 Defence Technology Tower A

    109681 Central Manpower Base (CMPB)

    109682 Defence Technology Tower B

    117386 6 Defence Technology Tower B

    117536 1, Pulau Ular

    117605 Power Grid

    117630 Stockport Road

    118326 Tanjong Berlayer Camp

    129817 Clementi Camp

    139302 Ayer Raja Camp

    149051 Special Operation Command

    149373 Queenstown Remand Centre

    178880 Parliament House

    248843 3 Tanglin Camp

    367833 Mount Vernon Camp

    397970 Guillemard Camp

    417902 Kaki Bukit Prison School

    465556 Bedok Reformative Training Center

    478937 Singapore Prisons Quarters

    498760 Changi Exhibition Centre (Airbase)

    498761 Changi Exhibition Centre (Airbase)

    498819 Changi Naval Base

    498834 Tanah Merah Prison

    499611 8 Changi North Way (ST Aerospace)

    506969 Changi Prison Complex Cluster B

    507087 Selarang Camp

    507093 Changi Camp

    507709 Changi Prison Complex Cluster A

    508487 Hendon Camp

    509863 Changi Airbase

    509927 Trend Engine Overhaul Complex

    509928 SIA Engine Test Centre

    509932 Trend Engine Overhaul Complex

    528765 21 Tampines North Drive 2 (Colde Storage Fulfillment Centre)

    534257 Paya Lebar Airbase

    567754 Amoy Quee Camp

    578775 601, Island Club Road

    596302 Maju Camp

    596472 Police KNIS Traning Camp

    609412 2 Vobak Building

    619110 Jurong Port

    619523 ST Kinetics

    628054 29, Tanjong Kling

    628398 Tuas Naval Base

    628439 Tanjong Gul Camp

    629122 Jurong Shipyard

    629351 50, Gul Road

    629353 Keppel Shipyard (Gul)

    629853 21 Benoi Sector #05-03 (Amazon Fulfillment Center)

    629888 Keppel Shipyard

    637559 Pasir Laba Camp

    637607 Tuas Power Station

    638357 Jurong Camp I

    638361 Jurong Camp II

    638364 SAFTI Military Institute

    638501 ST Marine

    638709 15, Tuas Crescent

    638717 23, Tuas Crescent

    667988 Bukit Gombak Camp

    669638 Hillview Camp

    669642 Gombak Base HQ

    669644 Gombak Base

    669645 Ministry of Defence

    669646 Bukit Panjang Camp

    688248 Kranji Camp III

    688253 Police Dog (K9) Unit

    688255 Mowbray Camp

    688256 Kranji Camp II

    688257 Kranji Camp

    688793 Stagmont Camp

    689953 Keat Hong Camp II

    689954 Keat Hong Camp

    698956 Tengah Air Base

    708972 Murai Camp

    708976 Lim Chu Kang Camp II

    718919 Sungei Gedong Camp

    729753 Mandai Camp

    729754 Mandai Camp II

    729756 Mandai Hill Camp

    738103 Woodland Check Point

    738203 Woodland Check Point

    738406 60 Woodlands Industrial Park D

    738700 Woodland Check Point

    757618 Sembawang Camp

    757752 Sembawang Airbase

    757753 Chong Pang Camp

    757758 Dieppe Barracks

    758103 Senoko Power Station

    759907 Senoko Incineration Plant

    759956 Sembawang Shipyard

    759957 Sembawang Prison

    759945 Admiralty West Prison

    759956 Sembawang Wharf

    769194 4 Lorong Chencharu

    778900 Nee Soon Camp (Leo North)

    797792 Seletar Airport Passenger Terminal

    778895 Nee Soon Camp

    779914 Nee Soon Camp (SCDF)

    797809 Seletar Airport

    818948 11, West Perimeter Road

    819116 1, North Perimeter Road

    819117 20, North Perimeter Road

    819118 21, North Perimeter Road

    819658 8 Changi International Airport Services

    819659 SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1